Great News! PORTA STEPPER Exerciser is finally on the market after several years of development and preparation. The product is available to purchase on Amazon. We even got our first review from Amazon’s customer.

“Very cute pair of leg exercise stepper. Compact design. Feel good on feet. The spring offers smooth resistance or up-push during stepping. It provides easy to moderate level of exercise. I’d say more easy for the young, and moderate for the weak. Great for people indoor or desk bound. Tried it out today. Very satisfied. One of the two ordered has a tiny little needle missing, but doesn’t affect its function. Overall, very cute, easy to use, five stars.”

Porta Stepper™ exerciser is a low impact, portable, under-desk leg exerciser for home, office and travel use. It is a patented, spring type leg exerciser which provides a gentle form of low impact exercise.

a> It helps to keep your legs moving with less effort. And it helps the circulation in your legs without having to walk a lot and felling too tired. It is perfect for seniors.

b> It fits under your desk and provides constant, no sweat exercise. You can stay active and get your work done without spending extra time. Healthy exercise has never been easier.

I started Porta Stepper Exerciser in our living room, trying to solve my own problem with swollen feet. With help from a lot of people, we turned an idea into a product.

We are working on setting up a “Best Friend Referral” program and improving our product (such as connecting with Fitbit). If you have any suggestions, please email them to my personal email address: With your support, we can become better.