We have spent countless hours perfecting our product design, and we are finally ready to present our new product to the world. Porta Stepper leg exerciser is a portable mini stepper you can use anywhere anytime. You can step for health without changing your daily routine. To present our product well, we started preparing to produce a professional video for our website.

First, I looked for a freelance video producer, who can produce a product introduction video of about 2 mins length with affordable fixed-pricing. I did my diligence by searching Google, Freelance and Upwork for several days to get a high quality and budget friendly deal. Finally I found Dylan Jones-Tuba from Tuba Time Productions. He suggested that we can produce a video in three different ways depending on our budget, an expensive high-quality live action video, a video shooting in front of a green screen, or an explainer video using motion graphics, product images etc.

We preferred the second choice and Dylan offered a full range of video production services including script editing, videography, voiceover, and video editing. We wrote the script, rented a shooting location (Green Menu) , found models and provided the furniture to be used in the shoot.

A well written script is very important to a video’s success. We should keep our video short and sweet (2-3 minutes) and grab attention immediately. It should include several key points, such as identifying a problem, presenting a solution, introducing our unique product and having a call to action “Become our backer & hit the green button right now!”

Another important point is to keep it legal. Our attorney, Zac Turke from Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP, reviewed our script and gave us a couple of suggestions. He advised us to beware of the Trademark and Copyright issues in the video. For example, we should give proper attribution to the source of the quote by using an asterisk and text at the bottom of the screen or using a paper clip in the beginning of the video.

We should clearly disclose the endorsers’ material connection to the company because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is very focused on endorsement rules right now. After trying our product sample, our packaging designer, Scott Comstock from Comstock Studios and Video editor Dylan Jones-Tuba really believed in our product, they volunteered to do product testimonials for free. Since we haven’t sold our product and they are not our real customers yet, we need to put in a disclaimer, “Testimonials by paid independent contractors of the company”, on the screen that identifies that it’s a paid endorsement.

Dylan then wrote an A/V version of the script and sent us a storyboard so we could better visualize what the video is going to look like. He also sent us a shot list so we could pin down exactly how much time we’d need. The day before the shooting, he drafted an email that went over all of the details for the models (e.g. location, shoot time, costumes, etc.) and compiled a list of things to remember to bring to the shoot and a sheet that told everybody where to go. With these solid plans and a small our crew (Dylan and our videographer), we were able to work efficiently and kept our budget low.

A special thank you to Scott Comstock and family (mother, mother in law, wife, daughter, brother, nephew and our beautiful model). Your strong belief in our product kept me going forward even at a very frustrating moment. Also, thanks for spending extra time for shooting a video of a senior citizen using our product and providing me a lot of free advice  about marketing strategies.

Quote that speaks of the journey to create the Portable mini stepper: We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone -Ronald Regan

Ronald Reagan once said “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” I am a big beneficiary from this “helping system”, I would like to share my experience about this video shooting with those people who are not familiar with this area. I hope you found something useful to help you make a high quality video with a low budget!