How does it work?

Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser is a patented exerciser that you can carry anywhere and use anytime while seated. Just sit down, put your feet on the foot pads of Porta Stepper leg exerciser and push up and down, it’s that simple.

Does it need assembly? Is it quick to set up?

No assembly is required. It is simple and quick to set up. All you have to do is place your feet on the foot pads and unlock the latches on the base. And then start push up and down.

What are the dimensions of Porta Stepper Leg exerciser?

Porta Stepper Leg exerciser (one set in a bag) is 5.5in (length) x 5.5in (width) x 6in (height) and only weighs only 3 pounds.

Can I use it with shoes?

Yes! You can use Porta Stepper leg exerciser with footwear or wearing just socks.

Can I put it in a carry-on bag and where can I use it?

Yes. Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser is a compact, light-weight, small size exerciser. It is easy to carry around in a handbag, backpack or large purse and enables exercising while doing office work, chatting with friends, watching TV, reading, traveling in the plane.

Who is the target customers of Porta Stepper leg exerciser?

Porta Stepper leg exerciser is designed for office workers, busy travelers and home exercisers. It provides a gentle form of low impact exercise, without straining your joints. It’s especially perfect for seniors. It appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

What are the benefit of using Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser?

Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser is a compact, light-weight, easy-to-use exerciser, that you can use anywhere anytime. It helps to keep your legs moving with less effort and get your blood flowing when you have to sit still. It turns working at a desk, watching TV or long distance traveling, into healthy exercise. It also helps burn calories and builds your leg muscle. You can be healthier without spending extra time and changing your daily routine.