Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser is a compact, lightweight exerciser that you can use anywhere anytime. It is the first patented product of YZY™ global which is named after my father’s initials.

I was supposed to attend a workshop for building a WordPress website yesterday, but the class was cancelled. I really want to write a blog post on Father’s day, so I followed a book, “WordPress To Go”, by Sarah McHarry, creating a website by myself.

After sitting in front of the computer for several hours and calling the web hosting company with a couple of questions, I finally finished the first 5 lessons and started “Lesson 6: Add your first WordPress Post”. I gave myself a lot of credit as a complete beginner.

As always, I call home on Father’s Day and want to say “Happy Father’s day” to my father. As always, I expect him to pick up the phone and talk to me. Even though my father passed away from cancer 6 years ago, I still can’t believe that he is gone and I dream that he will suddenly appear in front of me one day.


I am wondering if there is “Father’s Day” in Heaven and if there is any phone number I can call to tell my father how much we miss him. At the very least, I know that he doesn’t have to suffer the severe pain caused by cancer.

My biggest dream is that we can cure or prevent cancer someday and I will be part of that challenge. Even though I won’t make a big breakthrough myself, I can support scientists to achieve this goal by donating a portion of our profit from selling Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser to health organizations. It needs more than a village to win this battle. Together, we will make this dream come true!