Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser is the exerciser that you can use anywhere anytime while seated. It is the first patented product of YZY™ global, LLC. YZY™ Global, LLC was founded in January 2017 in memory of my father who passed away from cancer. The mission of YZY™ Global, LLC is to promote healthy lifestyles. We will donate a portion of our sales to health organizations to fight against diseases.

Whole mini stepper package, you can carry around to help improve leg circulaiton

My Inspiration for the Portable Mini Stepper

I am Vicky Butler,  the co-founder of YZY™ global, LLC and creator of Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser. My grandfather from my father’s side lived to 97 years old. So, we assumed everyone in our family would live a long life due to the good genes we carried. I was shocked when my father was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 67 and passed away four years later. From then on, I started donating to cancer fighting organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer. I also started searching business ideas that allow me to contribute more for this purpose.

I had a surgery on my left ankle several years ago, and my left leg swells a lot when I am sitting for a long period of time. After knowing that swelling is also a symptom of blood clots and blood clots can be very dangerous, I decided to take this matter seriously.

Leg Circulation and Blood Clots

People who sit for long periods of time are at a risk of developing blood clots. Blood clots that form in the legs are called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). They can travel to the heart or lungs and become lethal.

Most people aren’t aware of the risk factors and warning signs of a clot. Every five minutes someone dies from a blood clot. But blood clots can be prevented by doing some easy exercises such as walking, chair exercises and stretching, etc.

Prevent blood clots by increasing leg circulation

From An Idea to a Final Product

Porta Stepper 3D box

Whenever I have to sit for a long time, I keep moving my legs up and down. I found out that I felt less tired when I put a spring under my feet. By following the force of the spring, I can easily keep moving my leg and improve my blood flow. I thought it would be great to have a portable mini stepper machine that would promote leg circulation. After I got this new idea, I did market research, made prototypes, applied for the patents, did market testing, manufactured our product and designed the packaging.


Move legs up and down, perfect excersice machine to keep moving for better leg circulation

> Light weight (about 3 lb),
> Small size (it can be used under a desk at work),
> Quiet (it can be used even in a cubicle),
> Easy to use, no assembly,
> Easy to carry around in a handbag, backpack or large purse,
> Enables exercising while doing office work, chatting with friends, watching TV, reading, traveling in the plane,
> Designed for office workers, busy travelers and home exercisers,
> Low-impact exerciser: perfect for seniors.
> Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

What’s Next?

To reach the minium order, we are collecting the pre-orders of Porta Stepper™ leg exerciser with an introductory price of $55.99 right now. Your parents, friends, and co-workers will appreciate it if you could pass along those health tips above and share our product information with them. Even better, they will be grateful if they received a Porta Stepper™ portable leg exerciser as a gift from you. Please order right now!

Porta Stepper logo
This lightweight mini stepper keeps legs moving, helping leg circulation.
Portable mini stepper used in airplane economy class, keeps leg cirulation moving
Portable mini stepper, you can carry and helps leg circulation anywhere