Porta Stepper™ Portable Leg Exerciser

  A lightweight, mini stepper that you can use anywhere anytime

The Product

Do you know sitting for a long period of time without any movement causes health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and deadly blood clots?

Do you want to turn your sitting still time into active exercise time while you work on your computer, watch TV at home, or travel on the plane? Now there is Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser.

All you have to do is just put your feet on foot pads and push up and down. It’s that simple.

Porta Stepper mini stepper set
Porta stepper example

Porta Stepper portable leg exerciser is light-weight, easy-to-use mini stepper, that you can use anywhere anytime. This mini stepper machine helps to keep your legs moving with less effort and get your blood flowing when you have to sit still.

This portable leg exerciser also helps burn calories and builds your leg muscle. You can be healthier without spending extra time and changing your daily routine.

How It Works

Feet on Porta Stepper

1. With the steppers on the floor in front of you, press your feet on the pads.

Unlock Porta Stepper

2. Unlock the latches on the base.

Use mini stepper to move feet up and down

3. Start stepping! By alternating your feet in a smooth, controlled manner, you’re working out in style.



It only weighs about 3 pounds, and comes with a storage bag. It can be easily carried around anywhere.


It is quiet, so it can be used in a cubicle or any public area.


It is very small, about 7.5’’ high in the extended position and 3.5” in the closed position, so it can be used under a desk at work and in an airplane.

Good Resistance

It offers the good resistance from heavy-duty steel springs.

No Assembly

It requires no assembly and is easy to use.

Low Impact Exercise

It provides a gentle form of low impact exercise, without straining your joints. It’s especially perfect for seniors.


The Porta Stepper is perfect for my 83 year old mother. She doesn’t get a lot of exercise. She finds it’s very easy to use Porta Stepper at home, to get a little circulation in her legs. It is simple, it is portable, she can take it anywhere, and she gets the daily exercise as she needs.

Scott Comstock, Los Angeles, CA

Packaging Designer of Porta Stepper™ Portable Leg Exerciser, Testimonial by paid independent contractor of the company

I work at a desk for hours and I was looking for something that would keep my legs from falling asleep, and the Porta Stepper is perfect. It’s small, it’s light, it’s compact. I can keep it under my desk and keep my legs moving all day. I love it!

Dylan Tuba, New York, NY

Video Editor of Porta Stepper™ Portable Leg Exerciser, Testimonial by paid independent contractor of the company

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